A lot has changed over the last few years, but one thing that remains true is that parents still love receiving a school portrait of their little ones! If you run a preschool, daycare, or childcare center I’d love to tell you more about my seasonal portrait services. If you know someone who might be interested, please feel free to send them this post!

I offer Fall and Spring portraits to the families at your center! Depending on how many students we will be photographing, I’ll come over the course of 1 or 2 days.  I’ll arrive with lighting and backdrops, and will just need an area with a bit of room for setup.

Parents will pay a set price ahead of time per child, and will receive 3 digital images via email as well as a 5×7 print (chosen by the photographer). I’ll send out all digital prints, and will deliver the prints to the center to be distributed. If there are siblings groups, I’m always happy to try and gather some photos of them together as well!

If you’d like to chat further about using my portrait services for your center this Fall or Spring, please feel free to reach out today!