So you’ve got your new website up and running, and it looks great! Now what? The obvious next step is to start sharing the site far and wide, but a step that is often skipped is that of making a plan to keep it updated. Taking the time to update the website regularly can feel like just another monotonous task, but it really is important.

Running regular backups so that you can restore it at any point, making sure the theme stays updated as well as WordPress and any plugins, monitoring for up time, and malware – these are all part of ongoing maintenance. When I build a site for a client, I offer to teach them how to run these updates themselves, since I know budgets can be tight. I also offer monthly maintenance plans, so that the client doesn’t have to think about it! I offer these plans to each client, and can also assist with maintaining WordPress website that I didn’t build.

If you’d like assistance with your ongoing website maintenance, please feel free to reach out today! If I didn’t build your site, there’s a small one time fee to get started, and from there you’ll pay a monthly fee. Let’s get your site in order today, to save you any headaches down the road!