Adding Value as a Freelancer

As a freelance web designer, I’m always looking for ways to add value to the services I offer. While I offer 3 main services (website design, photography, and video), there are often other things I can bring to the table.

Below are just a few unique ways World in Wonder has been able to offer added value to clients. While I don’t fancy myself a graphic designer, I’m happy to try and work with you on brand creation as best I can when needed!

Website specific photography

My favorite way of adding value is getting to take portraits for a website I’m building. A recent client needed a product website, but also needed photos taken of her products- and I was able to handle both items for her. Other clients have come to me with website ideas, but needed great photos to bring the site to life. I can always find great stock photos when needed, but being able to take the photos myself is always exciting.

Charts and Graphics

Last year I was working on a website for a local company that does a lot of technical work. They needed some graphs created, and hadn’t had great luck outsourcing that work to designers. I told them I’d take a swing at creating what they were looking for, and they accepted my offer! I ended up delivering what they were looking for, and now they send me more work like that when they need it.

Another time, I was building a website for a quilter in Texas. She didn’t have a logo, but she did have an a business card from years before with a logo her brother had created for her on it. It was the only version she had of that logo, and her brother had passed away. I was able to create a drawn version of it using my iPad, and it worked great on her website!

If you’re in need of a website redesign, photography work, or have a unique project need, reach out today at!

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