Upgrade Your Proposals and Presentations with Graphics

When creating presentations or proposals, especially for government services, there tends to be a LOT of technical jargon. This information is usually necessary, but can be hard to read and follow at times. Creating graphics for your proposals, templates, brochures, etc. can be very helpful in making them easier to read and digest. Here are some ways to utilize graphic design services.

Breaking down small amounts of info, with icons to match is a simple way to help the reader process the information. These are small, but eye catching, and can make the information much more visually appealing.

Creating a one page infographic is another great way to break down a large amount of information into more digestible sections. Information can be placed in order of importance, and create a flow that is easier to follow for the reader.

Graphs and Charts
Data can be difficult to grasp, especially when it’s not data you’re used to interacting with. Consider this when presenting statistics to prospective clients as they need to be able to understand what you’re saying quickly and efficiently. Presenting important data using catchy graphs and charts is a great way to get your point across and showcase your company.

Concept Illustration
A lot of what needs to be conveyed at times is simply conceptual. In your mind you know what you’re trying to say, but getting that point across, especially when it’s just an idea, or concept, can be difficult. Using a designer to bring a concept to life is an incredibly effective way to ti convey information. It also creates a middle man to test your thought out on, before it is seen and processed by a larger audience.

There are many types of flowcharts, and choosing the right one to convey your data is key. These are great when you’d like to show a process, a timeline, or any number of items. Utilizing your brand colors in this, and bringing icons in can tie it all together as well.

If you’d like to chat about your graphics needs, please fill out the form to the right and WIW will be in touch. These are just a few ways to utilize graphic design in your presentations and proposals. If you have other ideas you need assistance with, don’t hesitate to reach out!


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